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Government Engineering College, Barton Hill, Kerala

Government Engineering College Barton Hill (GEC) was founded in the year 1999 – 2000 by the Kerala government. The college has been successful in achieving its academic goals and providing excellence in education to its students. It is controlled by the Director of technical education. The college aims to offer quality engineering education and knowledge to their students and instigate integrity and professionalism among the students and its staff. The college strives to provide standard engineering and technology education through continuous creative, innovative and sustainable research and effective collaboration with academic, research and industries. GEC offers a number of technical and engineering Bachelors and Masters Courses. The duration for Master’s Program is of two years and that of Bachelors is for four years. The college has talented and qualified 56 faculty members. The admissions to the college are through entrance exams that are conducted by the state government.

To Know more visit https://gecbh.ac.in