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Government won’t tolerate attacks on cops, health workers: Ajit Pawar

MUMBAI: Maharashtra deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar on Thursday said the government won’t tolerate attacks on the police and health workers, who were working hard to contain the spread of coronavirus.
Those guilty of such attacks will be punished as per provisions of law, he added.
The police and citizens should exercise self-restraint and self-discipline, Pawar said.
Citing the example of the Army being roped in to implement the lockdown in the United States, he said, “It is our responsibility to ensure we don’t reach that stage.”
Despite the 21-day lockdown, essential services are operational, with adequate supply of milk, vegetables, fruits, medicines, food grains and cooking gas, the deputy chief minister said.
“However, crowding at markets is a cause for concern. The local civic bodies should plan the supply of essentials to localities or deliver them at doorsteps,” he said.
Such arrangements were made in cities of Baramati and Wai, he added.
NGOs should help senior citizens, students living alone, poor and homeless persons during the lockdown, he said.
Incidents of people travelling in milk vans, running over police personnel with vehicles and attacking health workers, hamper the war against coronavirus, Pawar said.
People should realise the seriousness of the situation and cooperate with the police, he said.
The deputy chief minister also took note of the case, wherein a journalist present at Congress leader Kamal Nath’s press conference, tested positive for COVID-19 in Madhya Pradesh.
Elected representatives and journalists in Maharashtra should communicate online and remain safe, Pawar urged.
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