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H D Kumaraswamy Had To Leave- What Game Is BJP Playing


After all the hustle HD Kumarswamy addressing his action says, I am ready to sacrifice my position happily. He said so while replying to the confidence motion debate in the assembly.

Having forced the exit of HD Kumaraswamy from the chief minister’s office, the BJP leadership is in two minds about forming the next Karnataka government and is looking at the possibility of bringing the state under a short spell of central rule till there is more clarity about the numbers.

It is on account of this disinclination to build the government that the BJP’s assumptive chief minister BS Yeddyurappa wasn’t getting the green flag from the party’s top administration that he had hoped for.

“I’m awaiting instructions from Delhi. I can call legislature party meeting any time and go to Raj Bhavan,”

the 76-year-old told reporters yesterday after meeting the officers of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the ideological fount of the BJP.

This contrasts sharply with Yeddyurappa’s impatience in pushing outgoing chief minister HD Kumaraswamy to face the trust vote over the last week.

The BJP is conscious that it is not seen to be hankering for power. It also wants to play safe and not end up in a position where a hurriedly-formed government is not able to survive the change in the numbers that might follow over the next few weeks.



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