Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme

deendayal disabled rehabilitation scheme

The umbrella Central Sector Scheme of this Ministry known as the “Scheme to Promote Voluntary Action for Persons with Disabilities” was revised w.e.f. 01.04.2003 and was revamped as the “Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS)”. However, while alteration of the scheme took place in 2003, the cost norms of 1999 had remained unchanged. The revision of the cost norms has become imperative to compensate for the price rise.

The objectives of the scheme are:

  1. To form an enabling environment to ensure equal opportunities, equity, social justice and empowerment of persons with disabilities.
  2. To promote voluntary action for ensuring effective implementation of the People with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities and Protection of Rights) Act of 1995.

Approach and Strategy

The approach of this Scheme is to give financial assistance to voluntary organizations to make available the whole range of services necessary for rehabilitation of persons with disabilities covering early intervention, development of daily living skills, education, skill-development oriented towards employability, training and awareness generation. With a mind to coverage of persons with disabilities in the mainstream of society and actualizing their potential, the thrust would be on education and training programmes. In order to gain the objectives of the scheme the key strategies will be as follows:

  • To improve educational opportunities at all levels and in all forms and enlarge the scope of vocational and professional opportunities, income generation and gainful occupations.
  • To help all such measures as may be necessary for promoting formal as well as nonformal employment and placement opportunities.
  • To focus on outreach and comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation programmes in urban and rural environments.
  • To help manpower development activities to train required personnel at different levels for all programmes/ projects/activities for persons with disabilities.
  • To assist in the development, publication, and dissemination of information, documentation and training materials.
  • To establish well-equipped resource centres at different levels. To promote and support the development of self-help groups, parent organizations, and independent living.
  • To promote coordination, cooperation and networking, and multi-sectoral linkages.
  • To help people with disabilities in projects which are environment-friendly and eco promotive.
  • To help construction and maintenance of buildings, provision of furniture and fixtures and installation and maintenance of machinery and equipment.
  • To set up and support facilities for sport, recreation, leisure-time activities, excursions, creative and performing arts, cultural and socially inclusive activities.
  • To help and facilitate the availability of appropriate housing, homes and hostel facilities.
  • To help the conduct of surveys and other forms of epidemiological studies.
  • To encourage research in various development areas, innovative strategies, assistive devices and enabling technologies and support the production of such devices ensuring quality control.
  • To help the effort to ensure the protection of human, civil and consumer rights of persons with disabilities.
  • To help legal literacy, including legal counselling, legal aid and analysis and evaluation of existing laws.
  • To help such other measures, which may meet the needs of the persons with disability and fulfil the obligations as prescribed in the People with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities and Protection of Rights) Act of 1995.

Grants-in-aid to NGOs

To facilitate delivery of several services to persons with disabilities by voluntary organizations, the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is administering the DDRS scheme and providing grants-in-aid to NGOs for the following projects:-

  • Vocational Training Centres
  • Sheltered Workshops
  • Special Schools for the Persons with Disabilities
  • Project for Cerebral Palsied Children
  • Project for Pre-School and Early Intervention and Training
  • Home-based Rehabilitation Program / Home Management Programme
  • Project for Rehabilitation of Leprosy Cured Persons (LCPs)
  • Project relating to Survey, Identification, Awareness, and Sensitization
  • Project for Community Based Rehabilitation
  • Project for Human Resource Development
  • Seminars / Workshops / Rural Camps
  • Project for Legal Literacy, Including Legal Counselling, Legal Aid and Analysis and Evaluation of Existing Laws
  • Environment-Friendly and Eco-Promotive Projects for the Handicapped
  • Grant for Purchase of Vehicle
  • Construction of Building
  • Grant for Computer
  • Project for Low Vision Centres
  • Half Way Home for Psycho-Social Rehabilitation of Treated and Controlled Mentally Ill Persons
  • District Disability Rehabilitation Centres (DDRCs)
  • The maximum level of support could be up to 90% of the eligible amount of grant for the project.
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