Happiness curriculum of Delhi Government

Happiness curriculum of Delhi Government

In today’s fast-paced, competition-laden, technology-driven world, all of us have to struggle hard to gain the best in life. “More” is the operational word for everything — the element of happiness left ever elusive.

Today, children are under high pressure from all sides — parents, mentors, peers, teachers, grandparents. They are confused, they unaware of how to react and express their emotions in their day to day situations. They look at us and just follow what we say or do.

  • Value-based happiness curriculum:

More, the modern world gives value only to one thing — “Financial Glory.” In the absence of a deeply embedded value system, the focus is only on getting literate — “Need to get into a profession which pays me well.” No other value system issues.

The nonpresence of a strong value based happiness curriculum in schools and our homes has created a vacuum in our children’s mind. They want to be statistics, they want to feel happy but they don’t know how.

  • ‘Happiness Curriculum’ in Delhi govt

The ‘Happiness Curriculum’ set up by the Delhi government aims at holistic education by including meditation, value education, and mental exercises in the conventional education curriculum.

It has been launched for the students of the nursery to Class 8 in government schools from July 12. The new subject has been designed and prepared by a team of 40 Delhi government teachers, educators, and volunteers over a duration of six months.

Students across schools can expect a ‘happiness’ period of 45 minutes. The new curriculum will pave the way for physical and mental health well-being, solving problems caused due to negative and destructive emotions like anger, hatred, and jealousy.

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More about the ‘Happiness Curriculum’:

  • As per reports, the entire curriculum is activity-based and no formal examinations are conducted on it
  • A periodic assessment of children’s progress will take place from time to time using a happiness index
  • Classes based on ‘Happiness Curriculum’ are being held twice a week for nursery and KG students
  • The Delhi Government had constituted a team of experts, including educationists, research fellows, school teachers, and different intellectuals
  • There are only a handful of organizations (five in total) which were selected globally to contribute to the Delhi Government’s Happiness Curriculum

‘Happiness Curriculum’ termed by Arvind Kejriwal

Kejriwal termed the ‘Happiness Curriculum’ and established it as the third stage of reforms in education sector initiated by his government after focusing on infrastructure development and motivation of teachers in the government schools.

“Education is our topmost part. The Centre and other state governments should give one year, focussing on education at a war footing.”

  • About Blue Orb foundation:

Blue Orb foundation, one of the major contributors to the curriculum by Avanee (Mother Foundation under which Blue Orb functions) has ‘Poornata’ – A programme which focuses the interconnectedness of the Core Values (love, gratitude, integrity, courage, kindness, trust, focus ; commitment, respect and humility) and happiness.

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