Nearly 50 students fall ill after consuming iron tablets in Mathura

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Around 50 students of a primary school in Adding village in Mathura were taken ill after being given iron tablets under a newly introduced government scheme to combat anemia.
Over 20 students saying of stomach ache, nausea and vomiting after consuming the tablets were admitted to the hospital by the school, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) BS Yadav said.
The leftover students who fell ill were taken home by their parents, who got them treated by private doctors, Mr. Yadav said.

The distribution of tablets among the rest of the students was stopped as soon as the first batch of students started complaining that they are not feeling well, he said.
The CMO said consuming the tablets on an empty stomach was the reason behind the students falling ill.Mr. Yadav said the iron tablets should not be taken without eating anything before, adding, it is not life-threatening. He said there will be an investigation as to why mid-day meal was not given before distributing the tablets and responsibility will be confirmed accordingly.

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