What is the Medical Council of India

What is the Medical Council of India

The Medical Council of India was first launched in 1934 under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1933. The Council after that reconstituted under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 that replaced the prior Act. Following this, the Council was replaced by the President of India and its functions entrusted to a Board of Governors. The current Board of Governors was notified on 13 May 2011.

Again vide Govt. of India notification, the Council re-constituted and functioning presently. The Medical Council of India (MCI) is a statutory body for introducing a uniform and high standards of medical education in India. The Council provides recognition of medical qualifications, gives accreditation to medical schools, giving registration to medical practitioners, and monitors medical practice in India. The present President of MCI is Dr Jayshreeben Mehta.

Now the Supreme Court has given permission to the Central Government to replace the medical council and with the help of five specialized doctors monitor the medical education system in India, from July 2017. The NITI Aayog has suggested the replacement of Medical Council of India (MCI) with National Medical Commission (NMC). The resolution has been approved by most states and after its approval by the Prime Minister, it will be proposed as a final bill in the upcoming parliamentary sessions.

Dr B.C. Roy National: Dr B.C. Roy National Award Fund was started in 1962 to perpetuate his memory. The Award is presented to differentiate medical person in each of the categories of Statesmanship of the Highest Order in our country, Medical man-cum-Statesman, Eminent Medical Person, the Eminent person in Philosophy and the Eminent person in Arts. Hari Om Ashram Award: Hari Om Ashram Alembic Research Award Fund has decided to call the nomination for Hari Om Ashram Alembic Research Awards under the categories of Basic Research in Medical Sciences, Clinical Research, and Operational Research.

Silver Jubilee Award: Silver Jubilee Research Award Fund was distributed under the categories to give award to person for his original and outstanding work in the field of medical and allied science done in India, to give help or assistance to project in medical colleges/medical institutions/organisations engaged in the development of medical education and to help medical research and to Grant Travel Fellowship.

The main functions of the Medical Council of India are as follows:

  • Establishment and conserving of uniform standards for undergraduate medical education.
  • Regulation of postgraduate medical education in medical colleges accredited by it. (The National Board of Examinations is another statutory body for postgraduate medical education in India).
  • Recognition of medical qualifications provided by medical institutions in India.
  • Recognition of foreign medical qualifications in the whole of India.
  • Accreditation of medical colleges.
  • Registration of doctors with recognized medical qualifications.
  • Recording a directory of all registered doctors (called the Indian Medical Register).
  • Registration of doctors and their qualifications is usually accomplished by state medical councils.
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