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Howdy Modi- Everything that should be your concern, Read More


Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump delivered quite a spectacle in Houston on Sunday where the two world leaders addressed 50,000 Indian-Americans at the massive ‘Howdy, Modi’ address. While PM Modi took the center-stage and even endorsed Donald Trump with ‘Abki Baar, Trump Sarkar,’ the US President also heaped praises on his close friend.

On one side where tens of thousands of people gathered to witness the gala Modi event in the US. On the other hand, many of the protesters from the human rights organizations drew attention even before with even began. The protesters rallied outside the NRG stadium where the mega event took place. Apart from this On Facebook, an event was posted – Houston’s Modi Protest. The page shows that the International Humanitarian Foundation, Inc posted the event.

Critics consider that This rally has been called a win-win for both the leaders. For President Trump, it was a chance to court Indian-Americans for the 2020 presidential election race where Texas could appear as a battleground state. For Mr. Modi, a PR triumph and picture with the president of the United States may help him shrug off the criticism over his recent strong-arm policies at home.

 Mr Trump also paid tribute to the Indian-American community, telling them, 

“We are truly proud to have you as Americans.”

No stranger to nationalist rhetoric himself, Mr. Trump resembled security at the US-Mexico border to the tensions between India and Pakistan in the tinderbox Kashmir region.

“Both India and the US also understand that to keep our communities safe, we must protect our borders,” Trump said.

It was for sure a gaga event In the USA, both Hindu nationalist party’s fans as well as Trump supporters were available there and no matter what- the history has been made once again by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The 3rd visit of Modi in the US to meet US President Donald Trump was held to combat the Industrial disputes which occurred because of several reasons. Apart from that, the sensitive issues of India like- Kashmir, Assam, Economy were also a part of the meeting. 



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