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Hyderabad District, Telangana

The website is designed to allow the users to witness the beauty of the Hyderabad District and to get all the information that they need. Users will get to know about the historical importance of Hyderabad city. Users will also get information about the existing beneficiaries of schemes, RTI, applications and will also be able to track pending status.

The primary purpose of the website is to reveal the secrets of the District. Apart from informing it is also used for transforming purposes. Another purpose of the website is to ensure transparency in administration. The website also tells a bit about the history of the district. Users can have a look at all the available schemes and submit applications accordingly. The application form is available for all the users. Merit list is also uploaded on the website. Users can download it to know whether they are in or not. Users can have a look at the rules and regulations.

To Know more visit https://hyderabad.telangana.gov.in