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Hyderabad: Now Kurti Length Will Help Maintain The College Decorum


Dress code has always been the basic issue in society, especially for women, it has stayed like an integral part of their day to day life. On account of their safety, they are always asked to wear clothes that cover their body, because MEN WILL BE MEN. A college in Hyderabad went a little extra mile in this scenario.

A renowned college in Hyderabad, namely, St Francis College hired a security guard whose job is to pick girls by their length of Kurti and then permit them to enter the college premises.

A new rule inflicted by the college, which came into effect from August 1, said that students would have to wear Kurtis below knee length, and sleeves. Sleeveless, shorts and similar clothing is banned inside the campus.

Under this new rule, students were not allowed to attend their classes, as their outfits were not per ‘guidelines,’ the circular for which was issued in July.

One of the posts of a former student of the college alleges that the “below the knee length” rule was imposed citing that “thighs attract boys.” St Francis is an all-girls college.

Another ex-student mentioned how the dress code was imposed in the middle of the year, and student representatives were alleged that “a long Kurti would get us good marriage proposals.”

The college also hired female security guards to check the length of the Kurtis. “They went ahead and pulled girls by their id cards and even pulled their Kurtis,” Zanobia Tumbi alleged in her Facebook post, which had several videos showing the security guards quarreling with the students.

In one of the videos, a girl can be heard saying, “This is supposed to be one of the best colleges in the Hyderabad. If we are treated like this here, what can we expect from the world?

Students have scheduled a protest later today, for imposing these dress codes, and the harassment they faced while entering the college premises.



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