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Indian Army

Users can have the details about the creation of the Ministry of Defence after Independence to the creation of the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare in 2004. A user can learn about Chief of the Army Staff and basic details of the Tenders and about the different organizations within the Indian Army.
After the creation of Ministry of Defence at the time of the independence, the Commander-in-Chief was renamed as the Chief of the Army Staff, Naval Staff, and Air Staff. Users can have details of the Organisational Set-up and Functions. The responsibility for the coordination of the activities of the Departments in the Ministry lies in the hands of The Defence Secretary.
The Ministry’s principal task is to frame various defense policy and directions on security-related matters. More information about The Department of Defence, The Department of Defence Production, The Department of Defence Research and The Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare is provided on the portal.

To Know more visit https://indianarmy.gov.in