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Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), Thiruvananthapuram

The website is owned and maintained by the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology and aims at providing valuable information to potential students on the subject of academics and admissions. In addition, the website’s role is to represent the university on a much larger scale and to a large audience, to provide its vision and the motive that it pursues.
The website imparts knowledge to the Chancellor, the Board of Directors and other higher offices that run the university. In addition, it also provides people with access to the annual report, published by the university to put its performance in front of the public. The website imparts knowledge on the departments and the courses that the university offers. Students who need financial assistance or deserve scholarships are also catered to on the website. A student and faculty portal has also been provided for convenience and sharing of vital information regarding academic activities.

To Know more visit https://iist.ac.in