Janmashtami Vrat Recipes: If Janmashtami is fast, then try this fast recipe, it is ready immediately. - - Telling the truth- always!
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Janmashtami Vrat Recipes: If Janmashtami is fast, then try this fast recipe, it is ready immediately.

Janmashtami Vrat Recipes : Janmashtami fast will be observed on 18th and 19th August. On this day some people eat fruits, while some people break the fast by eating puri-vegetables after the birth of Krishna. Here we are telling some special fasting recipes.

Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on 19th August. It is said that observing Janmashtami fast gives the result of 20 crore Ekadashi. In such a situation, it is very important to do fasting in the right way.If you are observing Janmashtami fast, then you have to keep some things in mind. Especially your food. You should take good care of what you are eating during the fast.In such a situation, here we are telling about the things eaten in the fast, which you can try by making it during the fast. 

1) Sabudana Khichdi-You can eat Sabudana Khichdi during fasting. To make this, you need soaked sago, peanuts, potatoes, cumin and rock salt.It is made by frying peanuts and potatoes. However, you should keep in mind that the sabudana should be soaked well for 7-8 hours.Only then do they become good. 

2) Sabudana Kheer-Many people have low energy level on the day of fasting, so sweet can make you energetic.You can make Sabudana Kheer during fasting. Other types of kheer can be made as soon as sago kheer. The steps to make this kheer are similar to that of rice kheer.Just soak the sabudana the night before. 

3) Vrat Wale Aloo: Tomato- With Kuttu ki Poori you can prepare Vrat Wale Tasty Aloo-Tomato.The way to make it is very easy. For this you will need boiled potatoes, tomatoes, green chillies, coriander leaves, rock salt, black pepper powder and ghee. Just like you make Aloo Tomato, you can prepare Vrat Wala Aloo-Tomato.

4) Kuttu ki puri –Crispy and puffed buckwheat puri are very good in taste. Although some people find it quite difficult to make it. In such a situation, keep in mind that you should apply buckwheat flour with boiled potatoes instead of water. In such a situation, you can prepare puris quickly.

5) Potatoes with curd-If you do not feel like working too hard, then you can make curd potato chaat. For this, boil the potatoes and cut them and roast them in ghee. Then keep it in a plate. Serve it by pouring curd, rock salt and black pepper powder on it

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