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Kerala Tourism Development Corporation Limited (KTDC)

The website owned and maintained by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation. The website aims at provides information on the accommodation facilities that are available for the tourist to avail as well as the holiday packages. The home page of the website shows the information given by the KTDC to give people an idea of what the website has to offer to them. In addition, links to the premium accommodation facilities and low budget hotels are given for the convenience of the people and so that they can learn what they can do. A list of KTDC motels is given on the website, which is located in different areas and information for each one of them is also available.
The website also provides information on the packages offered by the KTDC and these include those Escapade packages which are differentiated on basis of seasons. The website is active in providing information on the sales agents and the tourist reception center of KTDC which is part of the marketing.

To Know more visit https://ktdc.com