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Labour Directorate, Govt. of Odisha

In 1950, the state government of Odisha gave an additional charge of Labour Commissioner to the Director of Industries. With the growth in the number of labors, there was emerged a need to create a full-time commission working for the betterment and welfare of laborers. So in order to resolve the issue, a separate and standalone office of Labour commissioner was created on 1st April 1953 and the office of the chief inspector of industrial area was separated from the labor commissioner. So, the independent office started working and started to provide for the betterment and empowerment of laborers. Since then, the office has been working to maintain the atmosphere of peace in the industries by providing basic rights to the labor community. Moreover, the office entertains any sort of received complaints regarding any sort of misconducts and injustice done to the laborers. New legislation is also made for this purpose.

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