What is “Shadi Shagun” Scheme?

What is “Shadi Shagun” Scheme?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has granted rare girls in the country, Modi government has opened the Shadi Shagun Scheme to encourage those people who want to continue their higher education in a small number of communities.

The name of this project is named by Shri Narendra Modi, Shadi Shagun Scheme. With this scheme, Rs. 51 thousand for higher education for Muslim girls will be given for marriage. This project will allow Muslim girls to study undergraduate classes.

Benefits of Shaadi Shagun Yojna

  • This scheme covers Muslim girls get a higher education
  • Under the Shadi Shagun Scheme, the central government grants a small amount of Rs. 51000 / –
  • Only those who complete the bachelor’s degree will beneficiary from this scheme
  • And the advantage of this scheme will be that 10 thousand rupees will be given to Muslim girls studying in the 9th and 10th years
  • Although still boys and girls studying in 11th and 12th grade were eligible for scholarships of Rs.12000

The main objective of this Shadi Shagun Scheme is to encourage Muslim girls to get a higher education. The principle of this project is to get an education of girls of all Muslim sects of the entire country, the benefit of the marriage shagun scheme only those girls The girl who has finished her graduate studies will be provided.

Main goals:

  • This project will be applicable only for Muslim girls in the entire country
  • A website is being launched by Maulana Azad Educational Foundation
  • Where all the detail about this scheme will be provided
  • Graduation Muslim girls who have already grant MAFE scholarship in this scheme will be given Rs. 51000 as a marriage annuity under the scheme
  • Girls who do not finish their graduation level will not be given cash prizes

The goal behind Shadi Shagun Scheme is to encourage Muslim girls and their parents to at least graduate level to complete their education. Although the central government has decided that 10,000 girls studying in the 9th and 10th grade will be given a prize of Rs 10,000.

Shadi Shagun Registration

  • To get in this scheme, go to the official website
  • And then fill the application form. Click on the submit button
  • Please keep in mind that you can also keep its printouts handy
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