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Legislative Assembly, Telangana

On 2nd June 2014, the first Telangana Legislative Assembly was formed with about 119 members elected in the general elections conducted by the Election commission of India that was held in April 2014. It also consists of one member from the Anglo Indian Community that is nominated by the Governor. The assembly is formed within 5 years. The main functions of the assembly include administration, solving public issues, budgets etc. The legislative assembly has introduced different programs such as a visit to colleges and schools to impart knowledge about politics and government to the kids. They also offer other facilities and services to the citizens of Telangana. The assembly has to follow certain rules and regulations to conduct the business. They provide guidelines for appointment, procedures, the term of appointment, functions etc. They have different committees and joint committees for smooth conducting and functioning of their business. It comprises of two legislative committees i.e. standing committee and Ad hoc committee.

To Know more visit https://telanganalegislature.org.in