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Madhya Pradesh is lagging behind in COVID-19 testing, 11% test positive

BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh like other states in India is lagging behind in COVID-19 testing. Six days after Bhopal reported its first COVID-19 case, the premier institute is still unable to test maximum possible 63 COVID-19 tests per day.
“Samples come in staggered manner, we have been able to test up to 36 samples in a day,” said AIIMS Bhopal director, Dr Sarman Singh. He is one of India’s foremost experts in Clinical Microbiology and Molecular Medicine. Going by numbers the premier institute had about 160 kits, as on Thursday. ICMR provides these kits.
COVID-19 test is can run thrice in a day, a maximum of 63 samples can be run in 3 shifts at AIIMS Regional Virology Research and Diagnostic Laboratory (RVRDL).

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We have made sufficient arrangements but no predictions can be made for the number of diseased, we might encounter, said AIIMS Bhopal director, Dr Sarman Singh, here on Thursday. Since the start of COVID-19 spread, only 176 tests were conducted of suspected in MP till March 25. Six samples failed. MP has reported 24 positive cases.
It took 67 days for the count of people infected with Corona to reach the 1st one lakh all over the world. The second lakh in 11 days and third lakh in four days. Pandemic acceleration is not matching up in testing. In MP, testing should have been ramped up by multiple of squares. From 36 tests to 1,296 tests after the first week and in the next four days 16,79,616 tests, according to experts.
ICMR Jabalpur can test 36 samples each day and similar are the numbers for testing facility at Indore and Gwalior, according to sources.

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