Mayawati drops ‘Sushri’ from Twitter handle after criticism

After she came in for a lot of flak from social media users for utilizing ‘Sushri’ in her Twitter handle, BSP Supremo Mayawati Wednesday dropped the title from her user name on the microblogging platform. When the former Uttar Pradesh chief minister made her debut on Twitter earlier this month, she used the handle @SushriMayawati.

‘Sushri’ is a title utilized before the name of a woman to expresses respect and reverence. She was criticized by several social media users for utilizing the title in her handle with some alleging she was eulogizing herself.

“My twitter account opened as @SushriMayawati but now it is @Mayawati,” she twitted on Wednesday.

She joined the Twitter the “first time” on February 6 to interact with the media and masses.

“This to inform you BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party) national president, former Uttar Pradesh chief minister and ex-MP Mayawatiji has for the first time decided to join Twitter for speedy interaction with media and masses, besides expressing her views on various issues of national and political importance through Twitter,” a release posted on Mayawati’s old Twitter handle @SushriMayawati had stated.

She has 84.4K followers as of Wednesday evening.