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‘Mothers like you inspire those fighting corona’: PM Modi on video of his mother

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday retweeted a video of his mother beating utensils at her residence and said that blessings of crores of mothers like her inspired frontline workers like doctors and security personnel in the fight against coronavirus.
The Prime Minister’s mother, Heeraben, was among countless of people across the country who came out at 5pm today to express their gratitude towards frontline workers who are providing essential services amid the coronavirus outbreak.
In his tweet, the Prime Minister said, “…Mother, with the blessings of crores of mothers like you, countless people like doctors, nurses, medical staff, policemen, security personnel, scavengers and media workers fighting the coronavirus were greatly inspired. They got the support to work further.”

From children to the elderly, common people to VIPs, all came out in balconies, lawns and terrace of their homes as the clock struck five, following an appeal by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to show gratitude to doctors, paramedics, police and other personnel associated with essential services when the country was observing an unprecedented ‘Janta Curfew’ on Sunday to check the spread of the virus.
Many took positions with their choice of instruments, including metal plates or whatever kitchen utensils they could get, while some played the sounds of conches and bells on their phones and music systems. Police sirens were also heard at India Gate and in other parts of the national capital.
Prime Minister Modi thanked the people for the gesture.

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