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Mumbai needs complete lockdown: Saamna

MUMBAI: Mumbai city should ‘lockdown’, meaning the city needs to be shut fully, if coronavirus is to stopped, this is what Saamna, Shiv Sena mouthpiece suggested on Friday.
While expressing concern over the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the state, which is highest in the country, the Saamna editorial suggested that Mumbai city should ‘lockdown’ to get results like Wuhan.
‘Chief minister Uddhav Thackeray is heading towards the lockdown. The government needs to take stringent measures and people should respond and cooperate which will help to curb coronavirus. To achieve this, we all should look at the Wuhan city of China. The city where over 4,000 people succumbed to death due to coronavirus. We should look at Wuhan how it lockeddown. On Tuesday and Wednesday, coronavirus cases in Wuhan came down to only one positive case,’ stated Saamna.
Rashmi Thackeray, wife of chief minister Uddhav, had taken charge of Saamna, the party mouthpiece on March 1.
The editorial pointed out that the Mumbai is partially shut down. ‘Wuhan and Hubai cities are also like Mumbai-Delhi. Both could get positive results like only one case of coronavirus detected where thousands had recorded in a day. Bothe cities would not have had got this result if they would have partially lockdown cities.’
Sena mouthpiece also targeted BJP without naming it, saying that only chanting ‘Jai Hind, Vande Mataram, Bharat Mata Ki Jay’ does not mean nationalism but following the government advisory is also a type of ‘nationalism’. “About 25,000 people arrived in China every day and the government quarantine them. They don’t run from the quarantine area,’ Saamna stated.
Saamna also criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not cutting short the Lok Sabha session while the country is facing the coronavirus outbreak.
‘China is almost like follower of dictatorship while we are following a futile democracy and facing its side-effects. On one hand PM Modi appeals to avoid gatherings while on other hand keeps Lok Sabha session on for a ‘political’ reason. The session is still not concluded just to give an ‘Aadhar’ (support) to play a game of government formation in Madhya Pradesh,’ stated Saamna.

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