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National Library

The website is owned by the National Library, Ministry of Culture, working under the government of India. The aim of the website is to provide the people of the country with a database of books and information to search from, for the information that is required by a person. The National Library has everything that is published in India, in its storage. The website promises to provide people with the ease of accessing the books on the required area of study using IT infrastructure.

The website has a fairly detailed message given by the Director General of the National Library and he provides information on the future plans of this national storage of wisdom. Books are digitalized and then uploaded on this website. The directory of Journals is completely different and it has a new section on the website. Furthermore, books can be searched for on the website with the name of the author, the name of the book or subject. The use of this library needs registration and the registration is online as well.

To Know more visit https://nationallibrary.gov.in