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National Research Centre for Grapes (NRCG), Pune, Maharashtra

This website for the National Research Centre for Grapes gives information regarding the events, tenders, notices, and research that is being undertaken for the propagation of grape farming and its furtherance. The site is basically serving the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in Delhi, to which it answers directly. The site contains vital information regarding the entire department itself, why it has formed and what it’s doing to promote the growth of grapes. Weather forecasts are also presented on the site to give users information about the upcoming weather and to prevent natural loss of plants. Vacancies and admissions or interviews are announced on the site directly and regularly, as are a number of tenders and notices for more important and significant events as well. The download section allows users to download the tenders and to see publications made by the department as well. The site is thus critical for the grape market.

To Know more visit https://nrcgrapes.nic.in