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News on All India Radio

The All India Radio AIR is a national radio station of India that works under the authority of Prasar Bharati Public Service Broadcast Authority. It is one of the largest broadcasting corporations in the entire world and bears listeners from inside and outside the country. The News Services Division NSD at the All India Radio broadcasts different sorts of local and international news and other comments to the listeners all across the world. In the early days of AIR in 1939-1940, there were 27 news bulletins per day. But presently, AIR broadcasts as many as almost 654 news bulletins every day in 55 hours. These news bulletins are broadcasted in 91 different dialects and languages in different regions of the country and the outside world.
The All India Radio is not just about news bulletins. In fact, there are many other programs carried out by the NSD at AIR, which include different talk shows and news analyses.

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