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NIC Madhya Pradesh

The website is owned and maintained by the National Informatics Centre and the aim of this website is to provide a platform where all information regarding Madhya Pradesh and all of its matters is provided to the public. The website provides general information about the State, and the statistics about the population, geographical area and the working population. Information about the state has also been provided in terms of the districts of the state.

Information on the land records, Open Source Technology group and Establishment and Accounts are all provided on the website for the access of the general public. A map of the state of Madhya Pradesh has been provided where all districts have been mentioned. The name of multiple projects, that have taken place in the state are listed and information on all of these has been provided. The website also gives the organizational structure for the NIC of the state to show how power is delegated for better and efficient management.

To Know more visit https://mp.nic.in