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No cause for alarm about newspapers: Docs

You’ve probably seen this debated on a WhatsApp group, including your housing society’s, over the last few days amid the paranoia around the novel coronavirus: what’s safe to pick up? A courier package that is delivered? Packets of groceries or food ordered online? The newspaper?
The coronavirus has poor survivability on most surfaces outside a living organism’s cells, says the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. The chances of getting infected when you pick up a newspaper are virtually nil, according to virologists.

Leading newspapers today are printed with highly automated processes and without human contact. From robotic handling of newsprint and other raw materials to printing, folding, packing and dispatch — this is carried out seamlessly till the printed newspaper is loaded onto distribution trucks. Additionally, in this situation, newspapers have introduced many more measures keeping in mind the safety of all readers and other stakeholders.
So why would you deny yourself information that is credible and extensively researched, like you find in a newspaper?

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