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No Internet; We Are Running The Biggest Recruitment Drive In Region- Satyapal Malik

Satyapal Malik
Satyapal Malik

National Conference leader Omar Abdullah and Peoples Democratic Party chief Mehbooba Mufti have been put behind the bars for over a month now- and the gesture is justified as a ‘precautionary measure’ by the ruling government.
The new governor of Jammu and Kashmir Mr. Satya Pal Malik have just settled and is now ready for talking as expected. In his first press conference, instead of focusing more on development and its execution in the territories, he passed a statement on former leaders of J&K and expressed his belief over their situation as a ‘silver lining‘ and further added that the more they stay behind the bars, the more political dividends they will accrue.

During his first press conference, Malik shared his views on the present status of Jammu and Kashmir and said,

“Don’t you want that people should become leaders. I have gone to jail 30 times. Those who will go to jail, will become leaders. Let them be there. The more they spend time in the jail, the more they will claim during elections…that I have spent six months behind bars.”

So if you sympathize with them, do not be sad over detention. And they all are in their homes. I was jailed in Fatehgarh (Uttar Pradesh) during the Emergency where it used to take two days to reach. If someone is detained in any issue, if he is wise, he will take political benefit. I am wishing them well.

Talking about communication and network issue in the region, he said,

The medium of the Internet is a little bit useful for us but more useful for terrorists, Pakistanis. It is also used to mobilize and for indoctrination,” Malik said. “We will probably be opening the Internet a little late which people will have to bear because that is the most dangerous instrument. Entire lie is spread using that medium,” Malik said.

After that, over recruitment drive, He announced that his administration had identified 50,000 vacancies in the government.

They are at multiple levels. We will fill these 50,000 vacancies in the next few months. This will generate employment for our youth.

When asked about its execution as the internet is not available to the same youth. He said, “We will go to their homes and get them filled up. Don’t worry about that.”



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