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Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department, West Bengal

The website is owned by the Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department. The website aims at the provision of information on what the department does and what are its responsibilities.
The website states the policies that it follows, not to mention the function that it performs. The website shows the administrative setup and how power is delegated to the lower level that consists of 65 different officers on different levels and with different duties. The website gives the rules and regulations that the people working there must follow. In addition to this, the website displays Acts of government that relate to the vacancies in services. The website gives access to orders and circulars on different matters of the department such as the posting orders. Forms of different departments and checklists are available for the facilitation and convenience of the employees working at the organization. The West Bengal health scheme has also been discussed on the website.

To Know more visit https://wbpar.gov.in