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Priyanka Gandhi extends support to Yogi Adityanath in battle against coronavirus

LUCKNOW: Congress national general secretary and in-charge of UP Priyanka Gandhi wrote to UP CM Yogi Adityanath government and extended support to the ongoing battle against coronavirus.
Besides expressing concern over the situation and impending crisis in a letter on Thursday, Priyanka said that every single congress worker was with the UP government in coronavirus containment campaign.
“The country is battling with coronavirus which has impacted life of people and state of economy alike and the situation has reduced daily wagers, labourers and poor to the brink. We at the Congress party are with your government in these trying times. I have already issued instructions to the cadres in UP to support and cooperate with the local administration in the ongoing coronavirus containment and infection prevention activities in whatever capacity they can,” Priyanka wrote to the UP CM.
Priyanka also gave several suggestions to the CM to ensure that the marginalized classes did not suffer. “Daily wage labourers, widows and others are at the risk of suffering. You may ensure that they are supported well with food and money. I would also draw your attention to the plight of the labourers from big cities who have left the big cities and have started walking back home. Please ensure that they reach their homes safely and comfortably,” Priyanka suggested.
The congress leader also said that from several places, there have been reports that doctors and health workers don’t have protective equipment. “Doctors, medical staff, sanitation workers, Asha workers and nurses are our warriors in this battle. To provide them with protective equipment is our first duty,” she said.
She emphasized that Congress workers are ready to serve in this situation following all protocols. “We have prepared a volunteer team and helpline number who are ready to serve the people. These teams are always ready for public service and helping this administration. The Uttar Pradesh administration can use these team for smooth and speedy relief works,” she said in her letter.

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