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Priyanka urges govt to help migrants walking down to their villages, says it is ‘our duty’

NEW DELHI: Amid reports of migrant workers walking down to their villages due to a lockdown in the country, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Friday urged the government to help them reach their homes.
In a video message, she said she was pained at seeing them walk for many kilometres in their bid to reach their homes and be with their families.
“I am pained at seeing thousands of migrant labourers walk down towards Uttar Pradesh from the Delhi border. They are poor people and is it not our duty to help them,” she asked.
“When so many people were stranded abroad, we sent aircraft to get them back. Everyone wants to stay with their families during such times of crisis. We must help them and I urge the government to help them. We all political parties must unite in helping such people in distress. UP Congress has formed a highway task force to help such people,” she said in her video message.

She also tweeted, “A tragic situation has arisen on the border of Delhi, with thousands of people leaving for their homes on foot. No means, no food.”
“Corona’s terror, unemployment and fear of hunger are pushing their feet home towards their villages. I pray to the government, please help them,” she said in a tweet in Hindi.
Congress leader Ahmed Patel said, “We are concerned about migrant workers walking on empty highways. The Central Govt must issue a directive to enable one time train/bus service so these people can reach home. If we can evacuate Indians stranded in foreign soil why not assist those stranded on domestic soil?”
Congress spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill tweeted, “Appeal to Central Govt -Deploy Special Buses for stranded labourers and those walking home.
“If Air India can be used to bring Indians trapped abroad, then the government should also do something for the labourers trying to reach their homes on foot in the country,” he said.
Shergill said the government must support poor people in distress as it was their duty to do so.

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