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Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), Guwahati

This website belongs to the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), Guwahati. Initially called the Railway Service Commission, the RRB was established in 1978. It was later renamed Railway Recruitment Board in 1985. The jurisdiction and function of the RRB have been given on the website along with its organizational setup. The RRB has a lot of Employment Notices; a list of these notices is provided on the site. Many of these notices are archived. A separate section on the site called Archive lists these archived notices. A link to the Railway Recruitment Control Board has been provided on the website. The Chairman of the RRB has published an appeal on the website to all aspiring candidates, to not fall prey to the schemes of unscrupulous elements who promise to supply examination papers or jobs in VIP quota, in exchange of money. The RRB website gives the option for people to leave a feedback about the RRB if they wish to do so.

To Know more visit https://rrbguwahati.gov.in