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Rajasthan State Agricultural Marketing Board

The Rajasthan State Agricultural Marketing Board was set up to develop agricultural marketing including the construction of market yards-godowns and its management. The board was started in 1974 to manage activities post-harvest. The website of the Rajasthan State Agricultural Marketing Board is fairly informative. It details the activities if the board including export of Agro- commodities & their products. The Directorate of agricultural marketing has listed dam information on the website, including progress reports, acts and policy related to dam construction.

The homepage of the website has a draft agro-processing and agri-marketing policy for the year 2015 that is accessible to viewers for suggestions. Mandi online gives users information on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly market rates. Tenders for the state are listed on the website. Additionally, the website has tabs for contact information and feedback. Furthermore, links to related websites, photo gallery and pamphlets provide more information on the activities of the board.

To Know more visit https://rsamb.rajasthan.gov.in