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Services through Lok Mitra Kendra, Government of Himachal Pradesh

The website is an official site of Lok Mitra Kendra which gives detailed information about the PCB account (Himalayan Pradesh State Co-operative Bank Account). It also gives information about the current account of Himachal Pradesh. Moreover, it provides information about migration from the old system to the new system of Lok Mitra Kendra Portal. With the help of this website, all your queries related to training on the new system, the opening of a new account can be solved online. There is a different Helpdesk section provided to address the queries.
In addition, this website acts as E-Wallet and facilitates on different necessary transaction through LMK portal. It also provides information regarding the E-District Manager. Any problem related to the HPStCB payment gateway will be addressed in the website through the Help section. This website is specially designed by the Government of Himachal Pradesh for the people to facilitate them on online payment like electricity bill payment easily.
Moreover, once you log in with your ID and Password, this site gives you detailed information about your bank balance and transfer payment details along with the Bank Statement.

To Know more visit https://lmk.gov.in