Slowdown or not, we are aggressive on US

TATA Consultancy Services will continue to invest extensively to win deals as it looks to end FY19 with double-digit growth. CEO Rajesh Gopinathan told ET that the company has the operational discipline to deal with a slowdown but is still focused on winning the US market.

You’ve talked about moving aggressively to win deals. Is this pricing aggression or are there other ways in which you will go after demand?

The decision to hire locally and complete that demand is part of it. It is not pricing aggression, it is fulfillment aggression. It is saying even if I don’t have the capacity in my current cost structure, I will get the capacity to catch that demand and optimize the cost at a later time. Investments, participation in early-stage opportunities which might be entirely onsite-centric because it is still exploratory in nature or we think the client will take time to move to a more structured model, but the opportunity is big enough to justify getting in there. It might involve people take-over. Our view is over a period of time, we will be able to bring these into rational structures.