Social Media Users Targetting Kashmir's Suffering With False Images
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Social Media Users Targetting Kashmir’s Suffering With False Images


What’s happening?

Two images, one showing women and young girls crying while another showing the face of a girl injured by shrapnel, are being falsely shared as a recent incident from Jammu and Kashmir, with the reference of revocation of Article 370 and 35A. 

What are they claiming?

The photos are being shared in the backdrop of 28 days passing since Article 370 was abrogated taking away the special status granted to Jammu and Kashmir and a lockdown in the region.

The caption of the tweet, when translated reads, “Silence against oppression means supporting it.”

What’s the truth?

The first image is taken by a photographer Mukhtar Khan in Surasyar near Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir on June 17, 2017. The incident is when the body of constable Tasveer Ahmad was brought in for his funeral, the young women were crying, and that’s when the photographer took the snap.

Please click here to view an archive.

The second photograph is not even from India, and It is from Israel and the year 2014. An award-winning American Photographer Heidi Levine captured the picture.

The girl in the photograph is a 17-year olf Rawya Abu Jom, the wounds on her face and all over her body is a result of Israeli airstrikes which directly hit her home.

The New York Time’s photograph had a caption underneath which says, 

Rawya suffered from shrapnel in her face, her legs had perforated holes, and the bones in her right hand were crushed.


This is not the first time that fake news from Jammu and Kashmir is being spread on social media like a fire in the forest. Since the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A, the whole region is going through several manipulative news stories. GOVT request you to kindly ask the person about the authenticity of the news who spread such stories. Also, please try not to engage with such posts on social media who spread misinformation.



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