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Sony LinkBuds (WF-L900) True Wireless Earphones Review: Unconventional Design, Reliable Performance

True wireless earphones can be broadly categorised into two kinds of fit. These are the in-canal style which offers better noise isolation and active noise cancellation, and the outer-ear fit popularised by the original Apple AirPods, which offers a bit more comfort and the ability to hear your surroundings better. Sony’s latest true wireless earphones in India, the LinkBuds (WF-L900) don’t particularly fit into either category, with a radical and unconventional design that sets it apart from the competition.

Priced at Rs. 19,990 in India, the Sony LinkBuds promise a comfortable all-day fit, the ability to hear your surroundings naturally and unobstructed, and good call and audio performance. Pitched as the kind of true wireless earphones you can wear all day and use reliably for various purposes, the Sony LinkBuds claims to be quite different from the typical premium TWS headset. Does it live up to these promises? Find out in this review.

Sony LinkBuds design and features

The design of the Sony LinkBuds is its most eye-catching aspect; many might not even realise these are earphones at first glance, if they don’t already know. The earpieces have an obvious outer-ear fit since there is no part that goes in the ear canal, and there are no stems either. In the middle of the driver chamber of the earpiece is a donut-like hole, which ensures that there is a clear way for ambient sound to be heard even with the earphones on.

This meant that even with the Sony LinkBuds on (with no audio playing), I could hear my surroundings nearly as well as with no earphones on at all. As a result, it’s a natural and entirely organic hear-through, with the obvious caveat that it’s ‘on’ all the time and without a choice. If ambient awareness is important to you, you won’t find a better designed pair of earphones than this right now.

The unique design also made for a comfortable fit, aided by what Sony calls arc support fittings. There are five pairs of these fittings of different sizes included in the sales package for a customisable fit. I found the smallest size to be the most comfortable for my ear shape, but this affected the security of the fit itself. Shaking my head around a bit would dislodge the earpieces, so you’ll want to try and find one that combines comfort with a secure fit.

The earpieces of the Sony LinkBuds weigh 4.1g each, and are IPX4 rated for water resistance. The outer sides have an interesting texture and aesthetic, and are touch-sensitive for controls. Interestingly, you don’t necessarily have to tap the earpieces themselves for the controls, thanks to a feature called Wide Area Tap.

When enabled through the app, this lets you tap the area on your cheek in front of your ear, just as you would on the earpiece for the same effect, and this worked reliably for me. It also meant that I didn’t have to blindly feel for the rather small touch area on the earpieces, and this made using the on-device controls a lot easier.

The charging case of the Sony LinkBuds is notably smaller than those of most true wireless headsets in its price range, making it considerably more pocketable. There is a lid release button and indicator light at the front, and a pairing button and USB Type-C port at the back. Notably, the earpieces need to be snapped into place to start charging, but simply closing the lid will do that, so it isn’t too complicated to get used to. Also worth noting — there’s no wireless charging, which is disappointing at this price point.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)


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