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Spotify Reportedly Cancels Six Audio Shows as Part of Programming Cutback

Spotify Reportedly Cancels Six Audio Shows as Part of Programming Cutback

Spotify has reportedly decided to put an end to the production of some of its audio shows. The popular audio streaming service recently took the decision to cancel at least six of its audio shows, while retaining a couple of other shows with their live audio offerings.

According to a Bloomberg report, a spokesperson for Spotify confirmed the end of some audio shows on the audio platform, such as Deux Me After Dark, Doughboys: Snack Pack, The Movie Buff and A Gay in the Life.

However, shows like The Fantasy Footballers and The Ringer MMA Show would continue to operate their accompanying live audio offerings, as per the report.

In April, the Swedish audio service had integrated its live audio capabilities from its companion app, Spotify Greenroom, into its main app itself.

Greenroom was formerly known as Locker Room, which Spotify acquired in March 2021 after its $62 million purchase of its parent company, Betty Labs, as per a report by TechCrunch.

The company recently announced the rollout of a new rewards programme in India, offering users access to its Spotify Mini Premium plan for a week at a discounted price.

After using Spotify Premium Mini for ten days, the music streaming service will reward users, allowing them to purchase the plan for one week for Rs. 2, instead of the original price of Rs. 25, according to the company.

Back in August, the audio streaming service had completely separated its play and shuffle buttons, though the feature was only made available for its Premium subscribers.

“This new change will allow you to choose the mode you prefer at the top of playlists and albums and listen the way you want to. Whether you love the joy of the unexpected with Shuffle mode or prefer listening to tunes in order by simply pressing Play, Spotify has you covered,” Spotify wrote on its blog.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)


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