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States to issue authorization letters having nation-wide supply chains of essential goods: Home ministry

NEW DELHI: The home ministry on Friday clarified that food and grocery items allowed to be sold and transported during lockdown may be interpreted to mean all items of food and grocery that are usually consumed by people on a day to day basis.
In view of difficulties being faced by businesses having nationwide supply chains in getting passes for those engaged in production, warehousing and transport of essential goods, the home ministry has advised state/UT governments to issue authorization letters to companies/ organizations having nation-wide supply chains of essential goods. The ministry allowed them to issue regional passes for easy movement of critical staff and workers in order to maintain their national supply chains. It has been further advised to keep the numbers of such authorizations bare minimum.
Also, inter-state and intra-state movement of all trucks and other goods / carrier vehicles, with one driver and one additional person, is allowed as long as the driver is carrying a valid driver’s license, the home ministry said. If the truck/ vehicle is travelling empty, invoice, way-bill etc. for delivery or pick up of goods may additionally be carried by the drivers. Movement of drivers and one person from their place of residence to truck was sought to be facilitated by local authorities.
All movement of persons with the passes shall be subject to strict adherence to norms for hygiene and social distancing as is required in the context of Covid-19, the home ministry has underlined.

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