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Subordinate Selection Service Board, Punjab

The recruitment to the Civil posts and Civil services are done by the State Public Service Commission, however under certain cases, as specified by the State government it may not be necessary that the Public service commission may be informed. Certain regulations have been made by the state government the latest amendment which was dated 6th of March 1980 state that all the post having Rs. 699/- as their initial salary or less are not under the consultation of the State Public Service Commission. This has been made effective from 18th October 1979. In such cases, the Subordinate Selection Service board (S.S.S board) is consulted by the State government. The first board was established on September 11, 1953, under the Indian Constitution. The present board was constituted on 7th April 1981. The board provides recommendations of applicants for direct employment for a post with an initial monthly salary of Rs. 325/- or more but less than Rs. 699/-.

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