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Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology, Chennai

The acronym TANSCST stands for Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology. The website is dedicated to providing all the information and activities of the Council. The Council is developed to maintain a connection between the State Government and Government of India for initiation of research activities in the Government Departments and Universities. The Council is responsible for identification of various scientific and technological research needs and works towards its promotion. The website is a great portal of information of students who are willing to work on various scientific and technology related research. The website provides information on various schemes, patient information center and much more. The website flashes important news and updates related to fellowship programmes and schemes.
The website also provides a photo gallery for virtual tour and the results of various examinations. The website provides details on various joint projects, Young Student Scientists Programme and Young Scientists Fellowship Programmes.

To Know more visit https://tanscst.nic.in