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Tamilnadu Arasu Cable TV Corporation Limited, Chennai

tactv.in is the website where members can register for a full year membership for TAC-TV. With the registration, the members can watch many hours of unbroken show which only feature the Tamilnadu episodes that have been extended and there are some web only segments. Each episode from the season one to current season can be found on the website and the extra content is found in the HD and it is available to be watched anytime the members want.
Every week, there is a new added content which includes the episodes that come from season 3 of the TAC-TV in the extended format they have with limited commercials. The additional training video available is posted on routine by the Host Larry Vickers with other guests who include the firearms training legend Ken Hackathorn and it is only available to the members with premium registration. The website has also the updates about the Gear and firearms review that are hosted by Larry Vickers about the guns, new gears and all things that are tactical.

To Know more visit https://tactv.in