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Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC)

The website is owned by Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council and aims at providing information regarding the role of the organization and the vision behind its setup in 1988. The website mentions different industrial sectors where the TIFAC has been innovative and has contributed for the better. Sectors such as the healthcare have been talked about in detail and how the TIFAC has led to the use of herbal and natural products in the sector. The projects taken up in this sector is also explained in detail. In addition to this, the Advanced Composites Programme has been informed about which is accessible to the public. The objectives of the ACP have been clearly mentioned on the website and the way to collaborate with the organization through a proposal has also been explained. The linkages that the department has with other organizations have also been shed light upon and this includes ASEAN as well.

To Know more visit https://tifac.org.in