Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research

Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research

SAMEER was established as an autonomous R & D laboratory at Mumbai under the then Department of Electronics, Government of India with a broad mandate to undertake R & D work in the areas of Microwave Engineering and Electromagnetic Engineering Technology. It is an offshoot of the certain microwave products unit (SMPU) set up in 1977 at the TATA INSTITUTE OF FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH (TIFR), Mumbai. SAMEER, Mumbai was launched in 1984.

The center of Electromagnetic, Chennai of the then Department of Electronics (DOE) was amalgamated with SAMEER in 1987. SAMEER Kolkata center was established in 1994 for research & Development in Millimetre-wave Technology. A new center is being set up at Navi Mumbai campus of SAMEER for augmentation of EMI/EMC FACILITY for CE Marking of Electronics products.

The Mission

  • Research & Development task in the areas of its expertise.
  • Engage in product development carried by technology and user requirement.
  • Develop expertise in a region of competence.
  • Make business division and to make it commercially viable in the long run
  • Become multidisciplinary institution and to carter to diversified applications for Rf and microwave areas
  • Undertake training and consultancy in regions of competence.
  • Keep pace with rapidly modifying technology by continuous training of its manpower
  • Become a nonhierarchical organization empowering people at all levels with proper authority and accountability

R & D Centers


SAMEER, Mumbai is starting research and development in the field of Optoelectronics, medical Electronics, Radar based instrumentation, Atmospheric Remote sensing & Meteorology, RF & Microwave systems and components, Navigational electronics etc.


SAMEER-CEM, Chennai is pursuing Research and Development, Consultancy, test and evaluation services in the region of electromagnetics and antennas, EMI/EMC, communications and thermal management.


SAMEER, Kolkata, the newest of the three Centres is pursuing R&D activities in the area of antennas, electromagnetics, RF/Microwave components, and subsystems.

SAMEER has been a pioneer in the development of technology in several areas.

It has developed:

  • India’s first MST Radar as well as the 2nd largest in the world.
  • India’s first indigenously developed Linear Accelerator for Cancer treatment.
  • Efficient use of energy for Drying/Heating System for textile, Food, Ceramic, Chemical, Pharma, Rubber applications through RF/Microwave.
  • Microwave disinfection system for hazardous hospital waste.
  • Code division multiple access [CDMA] receiver.
  • Microwave data link system [MDLS] for user agency.
  • Broad-band sleeve monopole antenna.
  • Wireless frequency hopping UHF data link.

It has established:

  • India’s pioneer center for design and engineering facility for Opto Electronic devices.
  • Class ten thousand clean room facility for space electronics hardware development.
  • Full-fledged EMI/EMC test & evaluation facility for CE marking.
  • RF/Microwave Antenna Measurement test facility.
  • Thermal design and engineering facility.
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