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Telecommunication Engineering Centre, New Delhi

The Telecommunication Engineering Center has the vision to make India the leading nation in the Asia Pacific in the sector of expertise and manufacture nucleus of Telecom. The organization aspires to achieve this through the setting of standards, support for manufacturing and enhancing skills in Network Frameworks in relation to Telecom.
Visitors to the site will find detailed information on Telecom requirements, functions of the various TEC regional offices as well as information on the TEC laboratories. Information on the Committees, subcommittees, forums and working groups are also provided.
Users will also find detailed information on certification and approval procedures, network and systems conformity standards and procedures as well as how the organization does the conformity assessments. Information on its core divisions of IT, Fixed Access, Next generation switching among others is also provided.
Other relevant information on technical reports, contact details, awarded tenders, circulars, activities and upcoming events are also provided.

To Know more visit https://tec.gov.in