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Tenders Kerala – e-Procurement System of Government of Kerala

The Tenders Kerala – e-Procurement System of Government of Kerala, is an online platform that has been provided so as to enable any tenders to download the Tender Schedule for free and also submit the bid online using the portal that is provided. The site is well designed and provides all the necessary details that you may require concerned with tenders. As a user on the site, you will be able to search for tenders on the site, get to have info on the latest tenders. One can view the active tenders and also tenders by their closing dates. The site also provides a section with details on the results of the tenders, the latest corrigendum’s and so much more. Also, as a user, you can enroll on the site and login so as to bid on tenders, plus to other things. The site is simple and easy to navigate through.

To Know more visit https://etenders.kerala.gov.in