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The Two Day Show Unfolds- P. Chidambaram Behind The Bars

P. Chidambaram
P. Chidambaram

The two-day show unfolds when finally ex-finance minister Congress leader P Chidambaram was arrested by CBI last night in South Delhi.

Last night was about a political show on the road when amid the arrest process, supporters of Mr. Chidamabaram chanted slogans and protested throughout. However, nothing could stop what had to happen, and he was taken to the CBI office for questioning.

The timeline of Wednesday had a loop which happened earlier in the evening when the senior leader appeared at the congress headquarters who was sought by the investigative agencies for approx. Twenty-four hours in connection with a corruption case.

Presently, the report is such that some medical tests of former finance minister P Chidambaram were conducted inside the CBI headquarters.

CBI Officials said that Chidambaram was arrested on an arrest warrant issued by the competent court.

 “I can only hope and pray that the investigating agencies will also respect the law. In the present circumstances, respect for the law can mean only one thing: Await the decision of the Supreme Court on Friday. Until Friday, let’s hope the lamp of liberty will shine bright,” he said in a message to the investigative agencies.

Mr. Chidambaram has been accused of facilitating a massive infusion of foreign funds into a television company, INX Media, in 2007 at the behest of his son Karti Chidambaram, who allegedly received kickbacks for this. At the time, he was the country’s finance minister in the UPA government.

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Mr. Chidambaram and his son were named by Peter and Indrani Mukerjea, who owned INX media at the time and are currently in jail in connection with the murder of Indrani Mukerjea’s daughter Sheena Bora.
Mr. Chidambaram has denied the allegations, saying the case is politically motivated.

In his petition before the top court on Wednesday, the former minister argued that his antecedents are impeccable and there is no possibility of him fleeing from justice. But his petition was not heard on technical grounds, and fresh date has been given for the hearing.

Rejecting the charges against him and his son Karti in the INX Media case, Chidambaram said, FIR does not impute any wrongdoing by him, and there was no charge sheet either by the CBI or ED before the competent authority.



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