This is not Emergency that we throw anyone in jail

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday replied to the 17th Lok Sabha’s discussion on the motion of thanks to President Ram Nath Kovind for his address to the joint sitting of Parliament.


1. “We are being slammed because we didn’t put some people in jail, this is not Emergency that Government can throw anyone in jail, this is democracy and judiciary will decide on this. We let the law take its course and if someone gets bail then they should enjoy; we don’t believe in vendetta.”

2. “What one of the main Congress ministers during Shah Bano case said in an interview recently is shocking, he said other Congress ministers remarked that it was not the job of the Congress to reform Muslims, ‘if they want to lie in the gutter let them be’ is what they said.”

3. “Congress missed opportunities with uniform civil code and Shah Bano case, today again there is an opportunity, we have brought a bill for women empowerment; please do not link it to religion.”

4. “So busy were they (Congress) with delusions of soaring high that they forgot to remain rooted to the ground. So busy were they ‘soaring’ that they thought anyone on the ground is lowly and dirty. We have no such desire to soar. We are happy grounded, rooted and with our people.”

5. ‘I am not used to thinking small, I can’t afford to as I have to fulfill the dreams of close to 130 crore Indian citizens.

6. I never think about polls in terms of victory and defeat. The opportunity to serve 130 crore Indians and work to make a positive difference in the lives of our citizens is special to me.

7. Sardar Sarovar Dam was the brainchild of Sardar Patel and inaugurated by Pt. Nehru, but for years, there was no progress in building the dam beyond the laying of the foundation stone. Even some UPA governments tried to stall it. I had to sit on a fast for this project as Gujarat CM. It was only after NDA came to power that the work picked up the pace and now, it is benefiting many people.

8. “Who did it? Who did it? Some people asked repeatedly during the debate. Today is 25th June. Who imposed the Emergency? We can’t forget those dark days.”

9. “I challenge the government that was in power between 2004-2014 to show if they ever praised the work of Atal Bihari Vajpayee government. Did they ever speak about good work of Narasimha Rao Ji? The same people did not even speak of Manmohan Singh Ji in Lok Sabha in this debate.”

10. “There are some who feel only a handful contributed to national development. They only want to hear those few names and ignore others. You won’t get anything (credit) if you are not part of a family…But we think differently … Which party did Pranab da belong to doesn’t matter to us, what matters is his contribution to the country.”


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