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The official website of the Tiruppur District of Tamil Nadu is what serves as a central point for visitors and citizens of the district to not only learn more about it, but also avail various services ranging from agriculture to education, health, and welfare from the government, amongst many other benefits?
The website was developed and maintained under the Digital India initiative, and works with all major departments of the district administration- right from animal husbandry to irrigation, industries, banks, roads, health and welfare amongst others. Apart from providing such services to those who live or work in Tiruppur, the website also features all essential information for tourists. This includes a comprehensive guide to all the tourist attractions that the district has to offer, guidelines and tips for the same.
Apart from that, the contact information of all important district employees, ways to reach the administration and all other means to facilitate the connection between the people and the government are there on the website.

To Know more visit https://tiruppur.nic.in