Tortured for dowry, giving birth to girl, woman kills self in TN’s Kallakurichi, leaves suicide note - - Telling the truth- always!
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Tortured for dowry, giving birth to girl, woman kills self in TN’s Kallakurichi, leaves suicide note

Afsa, a 27-year-old woman, killed herself in Tamil Nadu’s Kallakurichi. The suicide letter she left behind said she was repeatedly abused by her in-laws over dowry and giving birth to a girl. Police filed a case against 7 people, including her husband.


  • A 27-year-old woman killed herself in TN’s Kallakurichi
  • She alleged in her suicide note that she was abused, tortured by her in-laws’ family for dowry
  • Based on this, police registered a case against 7 people of the in-laws’ family including her husband
A 27-year-old woman killed herself after alleging in her suicide note that her husband and in-laws had continuously tortured her for dowry. Based on the note, police have registered a case against seven people, including her husband.

Two months ago, Afsa delivered a baby girl. In the letter, she stated that she had been very stressed since then as her husband’s family was against having a baby girl.


In the letter, Afsa says that she lived with her husband for only a week after their marriage. The letter further stated that she was beaten up by her in-laws multiple times for dowry. In the letter, she said that all the dowry had already been given to her in-laws’ family.

This includes 50 sovereign gold, a Royal Enfield bike, and Rs 1 lakh cash which could be retrieved and given to her newborn baby girl for the child’s future. Afsa stated that all these things had been snatched away by her in-laws’ family.


She alleged that her husband had even physically abused her on her sister-in-law’s instructions. She also said in the letter that she had earlier attempted suicide multiple times.

Afsa had consumed rat poison, and when she started feeling sick from the poison, her maternal family understood the severity of the illness and rushed Afsa to the hospital.

For the last two months, Afsa had been in her maternal family’s home.


In her letter, she said that her mother-in-law had asked Afsa’s husband, Dasthaker, to get rid of the girl child. Afsa was also allegedly asked to bring Rs 1 lakh cash to be taken back to Dasthaker’s home.

Heartbroken, Afsa attempted suicide again. Afsa’s mother, knowing her daughter was sick, rushed her to the Thirukovilur Government General Hospital with the help of neighbours. However, Afsa died on the way.


Following this, Thirukovilur Police, who got the information, recovered Afsa’s body and sent it to the Mundiambakkam Government Medical College and Hospital for post-mortem formalities.

Afsa, in her dying note, named seven people including her husband, father-in-law, mother-in-law, and a few other members of her in-laws’ family.

Police registered a case against seven people over the incident and are conducting further investigations into the matter.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)


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