What is GOBAR-Dhan Yojana?

Gobar Dhan Yojana

Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation has launched the GOBAR (Galvanizing Organic Bio-Agro Resources) – DHAN project. The project is being implemented as part of the Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin). The Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) combined of two main components for creating clean villages – creating open defecation free (ODF) villages and managing solid and liquid waste in villages. With around 3.5 lakh villages, 374 districts and 16 States/UTsof the country being declared ODF, the stage is set for ODF-plus activities, inclusive of measures to enhance Solid and Liquid Waste Management (SLWM). The GOBAR-DHAN project, with its focus on keeping villages clean, increasing the income of rural households, and generation of energy from cattle waste, is an important element of this ODF-plus strategy.


The scheme focused to positively impact village cleanliness and generate wealth and energy from cattle and organic waste. The scheme also objectifies at creating new rural livelihood opportunities and enhancing income for farmers and other rural people.


GOBAR-Dhan shall envelope 700 districts in 2018-19. The project will be implemented in 350 districts on a pilot basis. Leftover districts would be covered in second half of the financial year 2018-19. The scheme will be implemented using SLWM funding pattern of SBM-G Guidelines. The sum of assistance under SBM (G) for SLWM projects is worked out on the basis of total number of households in each GP, subject to a maximum of Rs 7 lakh for a GP having up to 150 households, Rs.12 lakh up to 300 households, Rs. 15 lakh up to 500 households and Rs.20 lakh for GPs having more than 500 households. Funding for SLWM project under SBM (G) will continue to be given by the Central and State Government in the ratio of 60:40 as per the existent formula.

Only those Gram Panchayats which have not use SLWM funds under SBM(G) are eligible to receive the financial assistance under GOBAR-Dhan scheme, subject to the limits of guidelines. However, States shall be given the flexibility to provide additional funds to any GP based on viability under the scheme.

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